Meet Leisure Suit Larry’s Blue Notes, jazz band and secret commandos pursuing galaxy criminals

The Blue Notes not only enthrall their audience, they are expert at capturing criminals.

Piano/keys. Darcan Eldron. Nickname: Darc. From the planet HelioCeti. Arya’s accompanist and guardian. Powerfully purple. Keeps a HelioCeti zapper behind his back.

Drums. Leo Boraine. Nicknam: Beats. A wild red-head who can toss knives, swords, machetes.

Bass. Alfrax Sasand. Nickname: Fraxs.  He’s from Galaxy Ten and is ghostly in appearance. Wafts into view when he’s deep into the music and then vanishes again.

Saxophone. Halton Bergeron. Nickname: Saxsex  Built. Tall. Wears an open shirt to flex his abs at the swooning female species.

Guitar. Tazuro Ashate. Nickname: Taz  (Earth Asian Mutant) Short, black-haired. A master at creating holographs to confuse pursuing criminals. His giant brain senses record the light scattered from an object and then reproduce the light in a way that appears three-dimensional.

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