I look for life well-lived

I started this website for three reasons: To write and to photograph life as I see it. To share what I write and what I have seen.


I have been a writer for many years and was once — in another lifetime — a newspaper editor and later, assistant publisher. That road changed into my entering information technology, where I’ve worked for the past 25 years.

But I have always written for newspapers and magazines and taken photographs. Now, I’m finishing my sci-fi novel — more on that to come soon.

I hope you may find something interesting here — whether I’m studying physics and enjoying posts from NASA — or whether I’m reflecting on the human condition.

We live longer if we learn to laugh a little bit at ourselves. Not all of our lives should be taken by deep reflection since I am convinced that on occasion chuckles may help us through dark times.   But I also believe in taking time for deep reflection. Remember, though — you can stumble over unexpected things on the way to deep, dark water.

We are each shaped by our lives. I grew up in the green hills of Mississippi for the most part, walking to the pond to fish, plowing behind a mule, hunting squirrel for dinner, freezing from holes in the floor in the winter unless you went out and cut wood for the wood stove and fireplace. I learned that life is a mystery, and we can wander through it amazed from day to day or we can conquer it.

I have chosen to conquer it in my own way. Come travel with me on these roads. We can find mysteries in the stars and puzzles in our contemporary lives. I hope we cry at the misfortunes of time and laugh at the human conundrum, including feathery demons like the mockingbird who nests in a tree in my front yard each Spring, presenting me with an up close and personal dive-bombing every time I leave my front door.

You’ll meet The Jesus Man and the little girl  whose parents followed him from town to town. I hope and pray that God and time have healed and blessed her.  You’ll converse with the Liars’ Corner at the store. You’ll meet Miss Gertrude whose biscuits won at the county fair. Miss Gertrude got caught with a young man sunbathing nekkid behind her house. Oh, law. Well, Benjamin Franklin believed in air bathing, too.

You just never know what you might find here.