The universe of Leisure Suit Larry and the Blue Notes

I haven’t posted in a few months. I’ve been busy developing my characters and the universe that Leisure Suit Larry and the Blue Notes will traverse for the Galactic Patrol and the Galactic Space Congress.

Arya, the lovely Princess of the Purple Veils, is the Blue Notes jazz singer, and in her other role, a warrior princess seeking to find the criminal who has poisoned her planet, HelioCeti, with a genetic anomaly that will eventually turn her people into gargoyles. On HelioCeti, the purple passion flowers imbue its inhabitants with a vivid royal purple or shades thereof. The lavender HelioCetians are a higher class since they live high above the ground in their Holidomes and are less affected by the flowers that are everywhere.

Meanwhile, I’ve found another sinister element hiding in the seas on HelioCeti. The Tripodian, which entraps any spaceships unwary enough to sink into its inland sea on the planet.

More later, my friends….

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