Talking about my photography

Getting ready for fall art shows is an interesting process. I wonder if people who stroll by will enjoy my photographs — many want to ask me questions, which is great.

For years, I’ve been a journalist. If I had a show of the portraits I’ve shot at every festival, every party, everything from ballgames to the duck blind drawing at Big Sandy, I could fill a room.

Now, where did I put those photos? Negatives?  I just dated myself because I began with hot type in newspapers and cameras that used rolls of film, and I worked in a dark room to develop pictures for newspapers and magazines.

Now with the click of a camera lens, I take a photograph. But as many of you know, it’s not that simple. Remember the light pole sticking out of your aunt’s head in that photo that you took?

You do have to train your eye to see what’s really in the scope of your lens. Sometimes the result is just blind luck. Sometimes it’s carefully planned.

So as I share my photographs, I hope you enjoy them. Each one holds a memory of a time and place that was good in that moment.




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